African Football Teams Impress at Qatar World Cup

The Qatar FIFA world cup has been amazing for African football. Although, African teams have reached the Round of 16 in the World Cup only three times, this time Senegal and Morocco made it. It is a remarkable result for two African nations, who were both eliminated at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. This is already Africa’s best performance at a World Cup since 2014 when both Nigeria and Algeria reached the final 16. It is even better timing after a dismal 2018 World Cup when none of Africa’s representatives went beyond the group stage.

Reaching the Round of 16 is an important marker, but what could be even more sustaining is having Morocco reach the quarter-finals and potentially even further than that. Senegal’s hopes were dashed by a knockout loss to England. Previously, three African teams reached the quarter-finals: in 1990 (Cameroon), 2002 (Senegal), and 2010 (Ghana). The African teams did not perform well in the World Cup, which was an embarrassment to the continent. Continue reading “African Football Teams Impress at Qatar World Cup”