The manager Pep Guardiola has sidelined Manchester City playmaker Yaya Toure for a while now.

The coach asked that the agent of the player Dimitri Seluk apologize for his statements at an interview he granted but Seluk has refused to do so. This might mean Toure would not make an appearance for City for a while.

Seluk accused Guardiola of ignoring his attempts to settle the issue of Toure’s snub. Guardiola earlier said he would not play the former Ivory Coast international until he receives an apology aftn September. Seluk accused Guardiola of making it a mission to humiliate Yaya Toure who should otherwise remain a legend at Man City.

“When Yaya was left out of the Champions League squad, I called Pep. I wanted to ask him his reasons, but he didn’t call me back. I also tried to call Txiki – but he didn’t call me back either. So I don’t think the club can criticize me for doing an interview in the newspaper when they wouldn’t even talk to me,” Seluk revealed.

“Pep talks about respect. But to get respect you have to show it. Before City played at the Nou Camp, I called Pep again. I wanted to ask him if we could meet for talks while he was in Barcelona.

“I also called Txiki. But nothing came back. I sent them texts also, but again there was nothing back. I have the phone records to prove this,” Seluk said accusing the club of lack of respect.

He asked why he should apologize when he was merely “telling the truth.” He accused Guardiola of “turning Sheikh Mansour and the City fans against a player [Toure] who loves the club.” Toure hasn’t played since the Champions League qualifier against Steaua Bucharest in August.

“This is his revenge. And it is personal, not professional. I asked City in the summer if they wanted Yaya to leave and was told that he was part of the plan. It is now clear that wasn’t the truth. I think the plan was to humiliate Yaya – and all the other players who have made history for Manchester City in the last six years,” Seluk added.